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Warranty & After Sales

All products come with the warranty that is applied directly by the manufacturer. Unless you purchase our Extended Warranty, 49th Street Customs does not offer any of our own warranties and are not responsible for product failures or failures due to installation. Certain products are intended for race use only as suggested by the manufacturer and should be installed and set up by professional service centers ONLY. As stated above we are not responsible for shipping cost other then by our own mistake of incorrect shipping. Any item that is altered or changed from its original state without the consent of the manufacture, will not be able to be returned or receive warranty support. The warranty of a product is facilitated by 49th Street Customs, however we can only enforce the manufactures decisions.

By law, a dealership is not allowed to void a warranty based upon having aftermarket parts installed on a car. When you add an aftermarket part to the car, the aftermarket part will void the warranty of ONLY the stock part it is replacing.


Extended Warranty:

49th Street Customs now offers an extended warranty plan for products purchased through our store. The Extended Warranty is a No Hassle warranty plan to offer a more in-depth coverage than the manufacturer’s offers. Generally, manufacturers offer a 1 year or less warranty based upon manufacturer defects only. Once outside this time period, to repair your item can sometimes cost the same as a new part!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if your coating on your intake began to peel you, just send it back to be refinish? What if one of your exhaust hangers broke? We will repair it for free! What if your coilovers needed to be rebuilt? Warranty covers it no charge! The Platinum Warranty provides you with extended coverage and services for 3 years from your invoice date on products bought at 49th Street Customs. We also give you the ability to return any unused item for store credit without paying restocking fees in this time period. The Extended Warranty allows us to go beyond what the manufacturers warranty to us is as a retailer to ensure you a No Hassle buying and performance experience.


Terms and Conditions:
This is a legal contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). By purchasing it, you understand that it is a legal contract and acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to read the terms and conditions set forth herein. This Plan and your purchase receipt, containing the effective date and expiration date (2 years from invoice date) of your Plan, and the product purchase identification constitute the entire agreement between you and us.



The purchase of this Plan will cover the repair or the replacement of your performance product that was purchased from 49th Street Customs, in the event your product fails to operate properly due to:

-Normal Wear and Tear (Ex: Exhaust hanger breaks or design causes premature wear)

-Product Failure (Ex: Spherical bearings begin to make noise or gasket/seal fails)

-Manufacturer Defect (Ex: Defective weld or misaligned hole)

-Product Finish (Ex: Coating begins to peel, fade, or chip)

-Product Not Used (Item was bought and not used, but return time frame is out of normal policy)

-Other situations will be taken on a case by case scenario


Products Not Covered are as followed:

-Clearance Products, Used Parts, or parts not bought directly from 49th Street Customs.

-Air Intake Filters from normal use.

-Brake Pads (unless manufacturer defect).

-Brake Rotors (Warranty only applies to premature wear, cracking, or failure).

-Engine Internal Parts (Ex: Pistons, Rods, Bearings, Cams, Etc).

-Body Kits, Spoilers, Hoods, Trunks, etc. We will cover initial fitment and quality, but once an item is painted and final install, it is not covered.

-Clothing, Shoes, and other “soft goods”.

-Transmission moving parts are covered except from improper break-in, installation, or abuse.

-Turbochargers or superchargers not installed by 49th Street Customs).

-Tires, unless from manufacturer defect.

-Wheel Use (Curbing, Scraping, Denting, Bending, etc), however we will apply your warranty purchase to the repair.

-Fluids or Consumable Items.


This extended warranty coverage only applies to products that 49th Street Customs has accepted to its Warranty Service plan. 49th Street Customs does not cover return shipping costs, labor (if not done by 49th Street Customs), or any other associated costs besides the product repair or replacement done by 49th Street Customs. 49th Street Customs has the right to refuse any warranty claim that they see outside of our normal conditions.  In the event an item must be replaced, the warranty Plan is only valid to be used once.  Once the replacement part has been issued, you can purchase the warranty again if you so desire.

The customer agrees to have 49th Street Customs do a visual inspection with pictures sent via email to before a product is to be sent back. Once 49th Street Customs approves the process to start a claim, instructions to return the product back to 49th Street Customs for repair or replacement will be issued for further inspection. All warranty issues are handled via email communication only.