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Aerodynamics and Body Kits


Thoroughly developed and tested products.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your car’s appearance with a simple front splitter or looking for a full body kit makeover, at 49th Street Customs you’ll find the latest and best products for your specific car. We’ve made sure that each company we have chosen to represent here in Qatar offer products that meet strict quality control requirements and compliment the specific vehicle which the specific part was designed for.

Aerodynamic Parts

Want to add some nice sporty touches to your car? Our exciting aero products have been designed specifically for your vehicle. Our brands cover just about anything from a luxury SUV to a supercar. We offer parts from TECHART, Gemballa, Novitec Rosso, LUMMA, Revozport, Manhart Performance, Startech, Hamann Motorsport, Caractere, Wald International and 3DDesign. We guarantee that the quality and craftsmanship of our products are unparalleled. To browse through our brands click here.
Body Kits

We sell a wide range of great body kits for various vehicle makes and types. For both newer and older models. Below are a few examples of body kits we offer our customers. Again we also stress on quality as the last thing you want when spending money on your parts are ones that don’t last or worse negatively affect the vehicle’s high speed handling.